Welcome to DeepBrain Chain

A global decentralized AI cloud computing platform for AI developers, by AI developers.

Beta Community Website Progress - 5%

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The most agile open source developer platform.

Over the next few months the DBC project will become fully open source. This means when developers want new features added they can submit requests to the GitHub team or better yet, join in and start building it themselves.

New features will be added on a regular basis after thorough review by the core community team.

What makes DBC stand out?

AI User Experience

The core team have years of experience in developing and integrating AI within a commercial environment for millions of users. Being AI developers themselves, the team know exactly what they're looking for in a next generation developer platform.

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Cost Effective

The DeepBrain Chain platform allows users to set their own rates for renting out computing power, creating a competitive free market. Savings are passed on to end users as nodes compete to offer the best services at the lowest price.


The AI Computing Net is designed to carry out automatic match-making between the compute power provider and the respective requester. This is to ensure a smooth, stable and reliable connection for training purposes. However developers can also specify which nodes they want to use.

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The official whitepaper of the project outlining the core vision and functions of the overall ecosystem.

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Roadmap 2019

Outlined below are the core updates we are aiming to meet throughout the rest of the year.

  1. August Wk.2
    Release Chain Documentation and Tutorials
  2. September Wk.4
    Supernode Signup
  3. October Wk.3
    Deploy Main Chain
  4. November Wk.3
    Token Swap Begins
  5. December Wk.4
    Web GUI and dashboard for AI users